Sunday, January 31, 2010


In looking for maids or yayas (nannies) in the Philippines, it is imperative to look for a Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) licensed and reputable agency.

Unlicensed maid employment agencies in the Philippines have sprawled all over the country. Not only are they illegal, but they deploy unchecked maids and run away from post-employment concerns. More often than not, illegal agencies do not check the backgrounds of their maids. These irresponsible agencies also deploy unfit-for-the-job maids. Illicit agencies compromise the recruitment process, rush deployment and will vanish thereafter. So when a post-deployment concern needs to be addressed, they make all possible excuses to avoid responsibility. They may charge lower fees but that is not worth the headaches caused by the poor quality maids they might have given you.

But unlike unlicensed maid agencies, DOLE licensed maid agencies deploys high quality maids. They check the personal backgrounds of the maids including criminal records. What's more, they study your domestic needs and provide you exactly with the perfect maid.

I have come to this very good maid agency called MaidProvider. I asked for a maid and they provided me with exactly what I needed. This agency do not just deploy whichever maid is available but they study your domestic needs by asking a few questions and suggests the fittest candidate. Not only that, they always are very attentive to all my post-employment concerns. They also assured me that if I want the maid replaced, they would gladly replace her. Their fees are also affordable as well as the maid's salary.

These are their telephone numbers:

(+63 2) 4804464
(+63 2) 5129669

Check out their site: